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AP Literature Poetry Essay Prompts (1970–2016). 1970 Poem: “Elegy for Jane” (Theodore Roethke). Prompt: Write an essay in which you describe the speaker's attitude toward his former student, Jane. 1971 Poem: “The Unknown Citizen” (W.H. Auden). Prompt: In a brief essay, identify at least two of the implications implicit
Welcome to AP Literature and Composition · AP Open-Response Prompts. AP Poetry Prompts with Poems. Most Frequently Cited Texts · Summer Reading Assignment 2017 · syllabus · Today's Homework (if necessary) · Turnitin.com · Vocabulary.com · College Essay Resources · 150 Great Words to Describe Yourself.
of Poetry Essay Prompts for Advanced Placement® English. Literature Exams, 1970. Literature Exams, 1970-2017*. *Advanced Placement® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this website. Each poem is included in the following prompts, printed on separate
(Suggested time—40 minutes. This question counts as one-third of the total essay section score.) The following poem is by the sixteenth-century English poet George Gascoigne. Read the poem carefully. Then write an essay in which you analyze how the complex attitude of the speaker is developed through such devices
Question 1. (Suggested time—40 minutes. This question counts as one-third of the total essay section score.) In the following poem by Caribbean writer Derek Walcott, the speaker recalls a childhood experience of visiting an elderly woman storyteller. Read the poem carefully. Then, in a well-developed essay, discuss the
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AP Lit and Comp. Vivian. Deconstructing the AP prompt… what constitutes an AP English prompt or question?? By Barbara Murphy, “5 Steps to a 5”. Remember, a prompt is ... Generally, you could say that the AP English prompt is made up of THREE parts: SUBJECT + ... Analyze how the poet uses imagery… - Analyze how
POETRY: Poetry is a type of discourse in which something is said by means of saying something else. That means that poetry is. connotative: It communicates through TONE. metaphorical: It communicates by equating imagery and actions with ideas, concepts, and emotions. ironic: It communicates the unexpected, the
AP Literature Poetry Essay Prompts. Day 15, Revise Timed Essay. Day 16, Library time for Poetry assignment. Day 17, Timed MC and EssayHW: Bring in 13 copies of personal poem and be prepared to discuss. Day 18, Turn in Poetry assignmentRound table discussion of poem choices. HW: Study Poetry terms for poetry

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